Forestdale Heights Lodge

In December, I once again had the privilege of delivering, on behalf of the Lodge, four large bags of scarves, gloves, and hats to Covenant House. This shelter for homeless youth is located right in the heart of Toronto.

In particular, this year there was a great need for scarves and gloves, and we can be very proud of the warmth provided by our gifts, delivered just in the nick of time for one of the coldest winters on record.

Our gift of brand-new outerwear is always gratefully received by those in charge at Covenant House, and I am certain that the fact that our gifts are lovely and new is appreciated by all who wear them.

Once again, Forestdale Heights Lodge has generously stepped up in the spirit of CVS to contribute in a meaningful way to our community.

Thank you.
Elizabeth Bloom

Comment: It's Cold Outside!

Surprise, itís January/February in Toronto and itís cold outside! Double surprise, there are people who have no place to go to get out of the cold.

Itís hard to believe, but these two statements could be written every year, virtually unchanged. Itís hard to understand why this is an annual occurrence. We know when winter takes place every year. Granted, some years we do not experience the same frigid temperatures that hit Toronto and region this January, but still, itís no picnic for those who are forced to seek shelter as the thermometer dips.

Yet, every year politicians put on the same show, act alarmed, vow to take action, promise to study the problem and, only when frigid temperatures arrive, do they leap into action.

This being an election year, we should demand that our elected leaders do better. Donít wait for winter to seek remedies. Yes, bold action costs money, but we are talking about peopleís lives. If our elected representatives are not prepared to act, perhaps they should step aside and let those who are not afraid to serve the entire population lead the city.

Jeff Rosen

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