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There was a time when every business and organization wanted its own website. Bínai Brith lodges deemed them the way of the future and the best method to communicate with members. Unfortunately, best-laid plans often go astray. Some lodges shrank, some disappeared and plans were abandoned. As a result, there are only two lodge websites remaining in Bínai Brith Canada in 2018 (Don Mills/LMOL has the other one).

Twenty years ago, in 1998, Forestdale Heights Lodge decided to enter the digital age and create a rudimentary online presence at Thatís quite the tongue twister by todayís standards. Over time, the site evolved as our expertise progressed. Eventually, we moved servers and created a unique identity, finally arriving at

Itís always fun to look back, but before anyone gets too proud of our accomplishments, I would like everyone to think of where we go from here. Our web viewing numbers are nothing to celebrate.

In an attempt to boost viewership to our site, we have recently added a number of news features. Everyone is welcome to tune in and read up-to-date stories from Jerusalem Post, CBC and Reuters. As well, we have added news widgets from Noozilla, an independent news aggregation service.

We have also added a page called Food Sensations at, which will compile recipes found in Kol Echad. If you have a recipe, you would like to contribute, please send it in.

These changes are beginning to make a difference in the number of people visiting our site. Like everything else though, the website (and print version) remains a work in progress. So, I put it to you, what is the future of our website? What do we do next? Does our website have a place in 2018?

Remember, the future of the website, and this Lodge, belongs to you.

Postnote: To look back at earlier versions of our website, go to*/

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