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December 2017

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50th Gala Installation
50th Gala Inst...
By Jeff Rosen
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Canadian Web Award

Kol Echad is the official award-winning website of Forestdale Heights Lodge #2667 B'nai Brith Canada. The print version is published monthly 10 times a year. The site undergoes a major update monthly and periodic updates throughout the month as material is provided.
Kol Echad is designed to inform, educate, and entertain members of the lodge. It welcomes any and all articles or letters from members of the lodge and their families. Members are free to write or comment on any topic. If you do not wish to receive the printed bulletin, please tell Harvey Silver. He can be reached at Harvey Silver.

Chanukah Party
Who knew a dreidel could stop in mid-twirl and reverse direction. Actually, it canít; itís simply an optical illusion caused by a certain type of overhead lighting. However, this novelty proved to be the entertainment portion at this yearís Lodge Chanukah Party.
Read (and see) all about it!

Food Sensations
Do you enjoy the recipes, occasionally found in Kol Echad? Now you can access them whenever you wish.
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November Meeting
On Monday, November 13, registered psychotherapist Aaron Arkin gave a fascinating talk to the Lodge on Sleep Disorders. The meeting was attended by 16 people, including our guest speaker and Frank Piltz, a guest of Lodge member Mark Spergel. In advance of his talk, Arkin explained the importance of getting enough sleep to Kol Echad.
Click for photos and report.

Pancers Delicatessen

In keeping with Lodge tradition, members will be delivering gift parcels to the brave men and women who dedicate their lives to keep our streets safe. These people include police, firefighters and paramedics. If you know of a station, you would like to deliver a parcel to, please contact Harvey Silver at

Steeles Memorial Chapel

Bingo programme is on hold until further notice.

Kingston Olive Oil Company

Kosher Food Bank
Forestdale Heights is a supporter of the Pride of Israel Kosher Food Bank. Members are requested to bring an item of non-perishable kosher food to each Lodge meeting. The food items should bear a kosher certification.
Donations collected at each meeting will be delivered the following day.

Former Lodge member Lloyd Lindsay will be our guest speaker at the first meeting of 2018, on Monday, January 8. He will speak about Technology & Security.
Lindsay is a life member of CPA Ontario, a CA, a Licensed Public Accountant, and a Certified Management Consultant.
He became a Chartered Accountant in 1964, a Certified Management Consultant in 1969, completed the three-year CICA in-depth tax course in 1985, and has been in public practice for over 50 years.

Hearing Solutions

BBC Membership
Bínai Brith Canada is going paperless. The organization is no longer sending out invoices by mail. You can now renew your membership online. Dues are $125 for members and $50 for a spousal membership.
Go to Membership.
If you prefer to send your payment directly to the office, please mail your cheque or credit card information to 15 Hove Street, Toronto, ON, M3H 4Y8
You can also call directly with your payment information or any questions at: (416)-633-6224 Ext 109.

Slate Committee
In keeping with Lodge tradition, FHLís slate committee will meet in January to choose a slate for the Lodgeís 2018-2019 executive. The committee is chaired by Harvey Silver, chairman of the board of governors.

We countdown to our 50th anniversary celebration in June 2017. Each month we will look back in time, outlining key events in Canadian and Jewish history. .
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